Secure on‑premise
customer support
live chat

Elixir — professional helpdesk live chat Elixir — professional helpdesk live chat

Live chat for your business that ensures
your customers' data is secure.

Elixir is a professional on‑premise live chat for your customer support. It is created specifically for businesses that cannot use cloud-based live chat solutions due to their uncontrolled access to customers' data.

In order to provide great service, it's important to be able to communicate with your customers right on your website. However, modern live chat solutions don't provide the option to deploy them on your own servers (on‑premise). It means these third-party chat providers will have full access to all your customers' personal data. This is not safe. That's why companies that care about security and customer privacy have to develop their own ad hoc live chat solutions. Yet this is expensive and inefficient because it distracts from the primary business function.

We created a modern multifunctional live chat that is hosted on your servers (on‑premise) and meets strict corporate security standards. Elixir Chat works great for customer support services of banks, insurance companies, internet services, and other businesses.

Hosted on your servers

No “external” scripts that may have access to your data

Integrated with your corporate authorization

Your staff can sign in using corporate auth via LDAP, X.509 or Google OAuth

Tech support meets your security standards

Providing support and rolling out updates via SSH, RDP or TeamViewer

Unique feature!

Group chats with customers

Create group chats when needed in order to communicate with multiple users simultaneously

If there are multiple clients coming from the same source, you can create shared chats rooms — so you don't have to reply to each client separately.

Unique feature!

Foresee your customers' questions

See what your customers or other agents are typing in real-time

Amaze your customers by how quickly your helpdesk replies. Your agents see customers' questions being typed in real-time and have time to prepare the answer in advance.

Unique feature!

Take screenshots of client browser automatically

Sometimes you need to see the screen in order to solve the problem

Helpdesk agents can simply press the “Request screenshot” button, and see the client's screen once permission is granted by the customer. Additional metadata such as timestamp, browser version, and operating system is also recorded.

Organize your helpdesk

Messages stay unread unless a reply is given

Elixir won't mark customers' messages read if support agent simply reads it without answering

Smart chat distribution across agents

Messages are forwarded to the same agent who's already talked with this customer before. If the agent is offline, the chat is forwarded to the one who's online. If an agent doesn't reply within 5 minutes, the chat is transferred to the next agent.

Time difference is taken into account

Elixir bears in mind timezones of both clients and agents, therefore the reminders would always come at the right time ensuring excellent service

Mandatory case closing

Even if the latest message from the client doesn't need any response, the support agent still needs to explicitly press the “Close case” button.

Head of helpdesk role

Head of helpdesk has extra permissions: manage support agents, set work hours and read reports

Agent and customer work hours

Message customers in good time by setting customers' work hours. Distribute incoming questions across agents properly by setting agents' work hours.

Going on break

Support agents can toggle the “Break” switcher when they need to go on break. Elixir will automatically forward new customers' questions to other agents and track the time agents are away.

Integrations API and webhooks to integrate with your internal services



Elixir Chat on‑premise deployment

$59,000 $39,000, one time payment

Licenses (annual)

$59 $39/mo for a license per one support agent

Integration with your internal services by Elixir team

$1,900 per team workday